Why use Freshcold?

Air conditioning is not a one size fits all product. It is an area that is changing rapidly, and the answer to any question about air conditioning depends to a huge extent on the individual circumstances of the person asking it.

With so much to consider, you need a company with a broad range of experience that can give you carefully-considered advice that reflects your own needs, not an off-the-shelf package designed for the average home or business.

The team at Freshcold,led by Stacey Stockman and Tudor Petcu, know what works and what doesn’t. Above all they know that no-one can tell you what kind of air conditioning system you need without taking the time to find out what you want from it.

That’s why you should talk to Freshcold for the best advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective system, not for most people but for YOU.

Freshcold offers a free survey and a no-obligation quotationand will be happy to tell you more about this exciting technology. There’s no hard sell; the facts speak for themselves.