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When it comes to refrigeration, no-one has cooler ideas than Freshcold. We specialise in bespoke refrigeration systems that will keep your costs down while keeping your produce cool and fresh.

We can even save you money by using the heat we take out of your produce to keep your home, shop or other premises warm. And if that sounds like something for nothing – it is!

Heat reclaim systems save money by using the warmth given off during the refrigeration process to pre-heat the water in your heating system. It means you need much less energy to heat that water to the temperature required.

If you need to chill meat, fish, fresh produce or any other goods, we can capture the heat produced by the cooling process. You know how much heat your current refrigeration unit pumps out into the atmosphere just by standing close to it.

As well as capturing that heat we will provide you with a top-quality, professionally-designed refrigeration system based on components from top-name manufacturers – so whether you are running a pub or club, need a small refrigerated unit within your shop or want to chill an entire warehouse, just call the experts at Freshcold.

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