Chandler and Dunn

Business relationships, particularly in the world of agriculture, are founded above all on people, and that’s why Peter Chandler continues to rely on John Haffenden and Freshcold for his refrigeration needs.

Based just outside Canterbury, the family-run business of Chandler and Dunn grows 200 hectares of top fruit and has enough cold storage for 3,000 tonnes of produce, making a reliable refrigeration expert a vital part of the operation.

“I have known John for many years and I know I can rely on him for sound advice and reliable service,” said Peter. “We have a good working relationship and I know that if I need something doing, even if it is out of hours or at weekends, I just have to ring.”

Freshcold has installed two pack systems for Chandler & Dunn, one serving three controlled atmosphere stores and the other keeping seven stores cool. Both benefit from John’s own chiller defrost system that makes effective use of ‘free’ heat created by the cooling process.

Peter agreed that John could trial the new warm water defrost system in the block of three stores, and was so impressed with how efficiently it worked that he asked the refrigeration expert to return a year later to install it on the other seven stores.

“As with all Freshcold’s innovations, the defrost system works efficiently and saves money,” said Peter. “In the past we used an electrically driven system to defrost the coolers but that seemed to use a lot of energy. It makes much more sense to re-use free heat.”

As well as new installations, Freshcold is responsible for all the servicing, maintenance and repairs for Chandler & Dunn.