You meet LG air conditioning equipment in all the nicest places! BodyHoliday – St Lucia resort offers an experience of a lifetime in the Caribbean. This 32 acre property, situated on its own cove on St Lucia’s northwest coast claims it offers guests an all-inclusive resort experience that provides an experience of health, wellbeing, relaxation and a fun filled action packed beach vacation. The resort caters for every taste in food and drink with five restaurants and relaxing bars. A $20 million renovation, completed in 2011, added an infinity pool and a boardwalk and expanded the water sports centre. On-going improvements have seen LG air conditioning installed to a~d to the levels of comfort in the 33 spa rooms, the gym and the offices at the complex.

The equipment supplied is a mix of 33 of LG’s popular ARTCOOL Gallery wall mounted fan coil units and 14 of LG’s Multi V Four-Way Cassette fan coil units – cassette units that sit in the ceiling voids above the rooms supplied. The energy efficient installation has cut the hotel’s energy consumption considerably- by in the region of 33%, year on year. And it’s a robust installation to boot. It’s the first installation overseen by LG in the UK to feature the addition of BLACK FIN Multi IV outdoor units. These units are specifically designed for applications where the environment is particularly corrosive. St Lucia is a volcanic island and the air carries a significant amount of sulphur and salt which can have a rapid and detrimental effect on the
metal exposed to the outside air. Being warm and humid all year round also contributes to the acceleration of the deterioration of the units unless they have this additional protection.

John Haffenden, from installation specialists Freshcold said: “This was a great project to be involved in and we were happy to be installing LG equipment out there. Not surprisingly, the controls are an important part of the system and LG ‘s expertise in electronic controls is a major factor in selecting their kit. Most of the rooms are controlled by individual remote controls, but we installed one of LG’s AC Smart Premium Touch Screen Central Controls for the larger areas of the site. This provides excellent immediate control but importantly provides a wealth of additional information including statistics such as power consumption or actual usage of air conditioners in real time, as well as reports on issues such as errors in the functioning of the units, and allows you to control and monitor the system from a central unit.”

The LG air conditioning was installed in November. Luckily for those living on this idyllic island, the climate in St. Lucia is fairly constant throughout the year, so there is no big temperature difference between different times of the year. As a direct comparison of the effectiveness of the LG equipment installed the hotel reports that there is a 33.5% cost saving between February 2015, before the equipment was installed and February 2016- after it was installed. Go to for more information on the extensive range of LG equipment and services.