Understanding the customer’s needs is vitally important in an industry that is increasingly under pressure to meet regulations, reduce costs and deliver profits.

It’s an area that James Tumber, who set up Tudor Multi Services with business partner Tudor Petcu, feels is one of the company’s strengths.

“We make it our business to keep up to date with legislation and all the requirements facing agricultural businesses today so that we can deliver the service they need and help them improve their bottom line,” he explained.

“We have a good understanding of British Retail Consortium (BRC) audits so we know what our customers in the fresh produce industry have to achieve, and that puts us in a great position to come up with a workable, cost-effective and well-engineered solution.”

Clients also have the reassurance of knowing that Tudor Multi Services has proved its own standards are high by being awarded the demanding ISO 9001:2015 quality mark. “We understand that businesses rely on getting their processes right and we make sure our own are effective and up to date, too,” James explained.

Tudor Multi Services provides a comprehensive list of services to the fresh produce industry and combines a wide range of skills with a tight focus on quality.

“We know that our customers simply want us to make sure they can deliver their product to the end customer at the right temperature and in the right time frame, and we do that for big name clients including Mack and Primafruit,” said James.

“It means understanding the businesses we work with and coming up with the right solutions to meet their particular needs.”

The company specialises in all kinds of industrial doors, including high speed and roller shutter doors, along with deck levellers and refrigerated panels, but has also developed expertise in all areas of cold store building.

Tudor Multi Services provides hygiene cleaning as well a full range of mechanical and electrical services, which is the area in which James began his career.

The team has more than 35 years experience in the fresh produce industry. After qualifying as an electrical engineer 26 years ago, James worked with well-known cold store specialists J T Herberts, where he broadened his skills to include control systems.

He joined Farm Refrigeration in 1995, working as an installation and service engineer with John Haffenden and Alan Leeson, two of the best-known names in the business.

After the demise of Farm Refrigeration, James worked abroad for a time before moving back to the UK and setting up in business with Tudor, who has nearly 10 years’ experience of working in different fresh produce areas.

“Joining up with John again is a great move for us and I am certain that this partnership will provide great benefits for the industry,” he said. “Between us we can deliver all the cold store services that fruit farmers need, from building a brand new cold store to keeping it clean.

“We share the Freshcold philosophy around protecting the environment and providing cost-effective solutions and we are looking forward to working together do deliver great services across the South East.”