When you operate the largest dedicated soft fruit packhouse in the world, you really can’t take chances with any of your systems.

That’s why Maidstone-based Winterwood Farms Ltd relies on the expertise of Freshcold boss John Haffenden to make sure that its refrigeration, air conditioning and gas leak detection systems are as good as they can be.

“The reliability of the equipment we use is fundamental to the success of our business,” explained company boss Steve Taylor. “As well as growing our own soft fruit, we inspect and pack produce from around the world in our Kent packhouse before delivering them to retailers and supermarkets across the UK, so we can’t risk systems failing.

“We use Freshcold because after 25 years of building up a great relationship with John, we know that we can rely on him to deliver and install what we need and to service and maintain it with skill and attention to detail.

“John would never claim to be the cheapest on the market but he always delivers good value, and if you find a quotation from another installer that looks cheaper at first glance, you usually find there is something missing or of poorer quality.”

Freshcold looks after the 24 controlled atmosphere stores at Winterwood Farms, which, among other claims to fame, is the largest grower of blueberries in Europe and Africa.

John also advised on upgrading the gas detection equipment in the stores and is generally seen as the ‘go to’ technical expert and adviser for all the specialist equipment at the packhouse, even items his own company doesn’t supply.

“While refrigeration ad air conditioning are John’s main areas of expertise, he has a broad range of specialist knowledge, and after a quarter of a century of working with him I know that he is someone I can trust,” said Steve. “And that’s really important in a business like this one.”